This is me. Hi.

I am Liam ‘Doc’ Watson. I’m a 22 23 24-year-old (flippin’ ‘eck) student graduate of Victoria University, Wellington, majoring in Media Studies and English Literature. For those curious, I got the nickname Doc from one of my previous editors who thought my name was the funniest thing since Louie CK, and the pseudonym kinda stuck.

My previous writing projects include writing for the local university magazine, Salient, as well as a Arizona-based website called ByteSizeGaming (now defunct), and, until recently, a UK-based website called GamersFTW (also now defunct), where I was fired due to asking my editor one too many difficult questions. When I’m not working my ass off or sleeping, I enjoy pub quizzes, playing guitar and bass, professional wrestling and a little bit of cooking. I went through a hat phase once. It was a bad idea. Please don’t look into it too much.

Breaking Backlog is my first permanent project in video game writing. It’s a combination of talking about games that interest me right now, critical analysis of what particular games do and why it matters to us in the overall picture of video games. I hope if you are reading this and the site in general, you are enjoying it and will take something out of the stuff I am writing.

If you want to read about the genesis of Breaking Backlog, click here. Otherwise, I have another full catalog of work done for other companies, the archive of which you can find here. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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